Plaza de España, 5
28008 Madrid
34 91 595 55 10

BOTANIA, the new restaurant from Larrumba Group, located in the new VP Plaza España hotel, stands out, among other aspects, for its location.

Its west side has an immense façade which will open out onto the renovated and highly vegetated Plaza de España; while on the restaurant’s east side, we find a patio of generous dimensions.
The diners sit between two worlds of vegetation: the public world, with large dimensions and immense trees, wild in composition and growth, and the private world of designed landscaping in a patio, controlled and delimited.

Between them, BOTANIA, which attempts to unite these two worlds.


The premises have been designed with a marked symmetry, with a central space occupied by the more organic elements, curved banks and tall trees, whose colour scheme and materials develop by zones.

In the centre, natural materials and autumnal colours take the leading role; while at the ends with find harder materials and a significant change in colour.

The ground is a mixture of outside stone, with the ceilings, canes and plants taking centre stage.

In the central area, organic figures in the shape of leaves mark the passage between the two worlds, helping the user to completely disconnect from the madness of the city.

The restaurant’s gastronomic proposal is based on international cuisine. Dishes and nuances from different countries are present, with a special leaning towards oriental cuisine.

Botania natural cuisine....

At BOTANIA, we have striven to conserve the essence of nature, the product’s freshness. This is market cuisine, using seasonal products at all times, such as the Benicarlo Artichokes with farmhouse egg yolks, and our vegetable menestra done to perfection; simple dishes where life is what counts.

From the ports, you will also find the best red tuna on the market, with its loins and ventresca always at the perfect point of fat, giving that colourful and delicious taste to our “Pasta with Tuna Ragout”.

Natural cuisine....