VP Plaza España Design 5*

Sustainable hotel

LEED Gold Certification

Committed to the environment

At VP Plaza España Design 5*, we are proud to be a sustainable hotel and part of sustainable tourism in the centre of Madrid. Thanks to our commitment to the environment, the US Green Building Council awarded us the honour of being one of the first hotels in Spain to receive the prestigious LEED Gold Certificate (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

The aim of VP Hoteles was to design a five-star hotel that would become an icon of design, art and architecture in Madrid. The design philosophy, with art as the main protagonist, distinguishes VP Hoteles from other companies by allowing the development of a unique concept of accommodation, accompanied by a commitment to sustainability and the incorporation of best practices in the categories of location, water, energy, materials, indoor environmental quality and innovation.

Sustainable hotel

The location of the hotel has been crucial in developing a hotel with good environmental practices. Its location in an area with pedestrian access to a variety of services and good public transport links reduces the need to use private vehicles to reach the hotel.

In addition, the minimum number of parking spaces required by law are underground to reduce the harmful heat island effect, and a significant number of them are reserved for electric vehicles (with the installation of charging points).

Water efficiency

To improve water efficiency, the hotel has installed high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and fittings, including dual-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads, which reduce water consumption. The design team carefully selected the best accessories available on the market to ensure maximum water quality.

By implementing these water-saving strategies, the hotel has achieved a reduction in potable water consumption of approximately 33% compared to conventional hotels.


The hotel has implemented a lighting control and energy management system that provides total lighting management by integrating the most comprehensive range of light controls, motorised blinds, digital ballasts, LED drivers and sensors into a single software package.

The system includes sensors to reduce electric lighting. Occupancy sensors use innovative XCTTM sensing technology to detect movement, switching on lights when a room is occupied and switching them off or dimming them when it is unoccupied.

Solar thermal energy

As part of its policy to reduce emissions, the hotel has installed a solar thermal energy system. This renewable energy system uses the heat of the sun to heat the water that passes through the panels. It is clean, quiet and the production costs are generally low.

Incorporating renewable energy into the hotel’s energy mix reduces the hotel’s dependence on external energy supplies and limits the hotel’s CO2 emissions, which is key to the hotel’s energy efficiency policy.

Materials and resources

During the construction of the hotel, a number of green strategies were developed in relation to materials and resources, such as the reuse of materials, the use of regional materials and the use of environmentally friendly furniture or products. Each of these strategies can significantly reduce construction waste through the incorporation of green building materials that have minimal environmental, social and health impacts during extraction, processing, transport, use and disposal.

FSC Control Wood certified timber was used for the wardrobes. In addition, the project team chose materials such as reinforced steel with 90% post-consumer recycled content, plasterboard with 100% recycled content, asphalt with 25% recycled content and steel stairs with 50% recycled content.

Ecological strategies

VP Plaza España Design 5* opted for the local sourcing and manufacture of its building materials, artwork and furniture to support local economic growth and reduce transport and packaging.

This has also reduced the fuel consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting these products.

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