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VP Plaza España Design 5*

Art and design

VP Plaza España Design 5*

Art and design

Discover the Design philosophy

VP Plaza España Design 5* was specially designed by the architect Fermín Vázquez as an icon of design, art, decoration and architecture in Madrid. Our guests can enjoy an extensive private art collection of almost 300 original works of art of all styles, created by the artists Pere Gifre, Jan Hendrix, Darío Urzay, Fernando Palacios, Nacho Zubelzu, Verónica Domingo, Hèléne Bergaz, Patricia Sanjuán, Bryan Ou Yang and Sasha Sánchez, and Julián Polvorinos. These works of art decorate every corner of our facilities, including Guest rooms, lounge areas and corridors.

If we had to single out one work of art from the entire collection, it would undoubtedly be “The Waterfall”. This kinetic sculpture, over 25 metres high, was created exclusively for our hotel by the renowned Spanish artist Pere Gifre. It is a composition that evokes a waterfall falling from the ceiling, culminating in a great splash as it reaches the ground.

The Waterfall

VP Plaza España Design 5*

The Sculpture is made even more immersive by having a pool at the top of the waterfall. The pool has a clear-glass floor that allows bathers to see the 8-storey fall. At night, the full splendour of the art-work can be seen from the Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar’s glass walkway.

Meet the most prominent artists

Pere Gifre (Figueres, 1974)

An engineer specialising in sculpture, scenography, interior and industrial design and architecture, his works have been presented in national and international group exhibitions, alongside artists of the stature of Salvador Dalí, Antoni Tàpies and Nobuko Kihira.

In his projects, the imaginary and the real, the static and the dynamic, the minimalist and the grandiose converge, giving life to unique and inimitable creations designed specially for each place or occasion.

Darío Urzay (Bilbao, 1958)

Darío Urzay’s work shows that art must act in an open, non-exclusive world; a world of continuous change and symbiosis where personal poetics and observation feed back to induce new forms of knowledge and communication.

Important collections include pieces by this great artist, such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Centro Nacional Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, and the Deutsche Bank Collection in London. For our hotel he has painted Kintail and Peel, paintings, paintings which stand out for their liveliness and can be viewed when entering the reception.

Nacho Zubelzu (Reinosa, 1966)

His fascination with interpreting the essence of nature and human beings has taken him to the largest national and international exhibition halls. In his works of art he uses repetition and variation, which generate sequences in which an analysis of ideas, sensations and feelings is approached.

For our hotel he has designed the mural Buscando al hombre, found in front of the lifts, the impressive collages La trashumancia del dragón, which decorate the bar, and Aligustre, located in the bathroom area of the lobby.

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