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Sushi & Cocktail Pairing Menu

A unique menu in Madrid

Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar is unique and rogue, we are different and that’s why we wanted to go a step further and create a menu paired with exclusive signature cocktails. Of course, we offer several alternatives to suit all tastes.

Only 8 people can enjoy this menu at a time, because it is served at the bar at 19:00 and 23:00, with a very limited capacity.

15, con un aforo muy limitado.

  • Sushi menu without food pairing 90€.
  • Sushi menu & signature cocktail pairing 110€:
    • 1st Pass: Mediterranean Martini Cocktail
    • 2nd Pass: Oishii Martini Cocktail
    • 3rd Pass: Ginkgo Martini Cocktail
    • 4th Dessert: Apple Pie cocktail
  • Sushi menu & Veuve Clicquot wine pairing €160:
    • 1st Pass: Veuve Clicquot Rich
    • 2º Pase: Veuve Clicquot Brut Etiqueta Amarilla
    • 3º Pase: Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé
    • 4º Postre: Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé

A unique gastronomic journey in Madrid

The Sushi & Cocktail Pairing Menu is a unique gastronomic journey in Madrid consisting of three courses and a dessert paired with four cocktails, one per course.

The know-how of our sushiman and the creativity of our bartenders have come together to create a perfect fusion between the most exquisite sushi flavours and the most innovative signature cocktails in the city.

Our team of bartenders has created each cocktail specifically for your pass, thus creating a 360º experience for the client where Asian flavours with Mediterranean touches stand out.

VP Plaza España Design 5*

1st Pass, Mi Sushi Cañí table

We have designed this first table as a tapas table for this 1st pass, with products from our land that we raise to another level, using and respecting Japanese techniques, which require great qualification and care to be developed:

Mouthful of anchovy, piparra and olives.

Smoked sardine nigiri with semi-dried tomatoes

Asparagus, truffle and egg yolk Uramaki

Quail egg and breadcrumb nigiri

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Sushi cocktail pairing - VP Plaza España Design 5*

2nd Pass, Rolling board with Ginkgo Wasabi

To make the perfect match, our dishes also bring together ingredients from different parts of the world that in the mouth transport us to the country or area chosen. If we had to define this second course in one word, it would be Umami:

Orange lacquered duck roll.

Nigiri of Rubia Gallega cured pork loin

Sisho with rice, prawns and fried garlic

Tuna tartar ingot with citrus mayonnaise

3rd Pass, table Better than a 69 is..:

Finally, our most rogue, most Ginkgo and most premium board on the menu with a selection of the best products on the market. The result is very intense and unctuous flavours that will be reduced with the acidity of your drink.

Open marrow temaki

Salmon taco with chipotle and mango mayonnaise sauce

Foie nigiri with sautéed strawberries and Modena

A5 Wagyu Nigiri

Sea urchin gunkan

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VP Plaza España Design 5*
VP Plaza España Design 5*

Dessert: the apple of sin:

With our dessert we wanted to simulate an apple pie with apple gyozas, to which we added custard flavoured with aniseed, kaffir lime and cinnamon, which we accompanied with coconut milk ice cream to play with the contrasts of hot and cold.

The perfect end to a menu full of new sensations:

Apple gyozas with custard and coconut ice cream

Sushi cocktail pairing - VP Plaza España Design 5*

Enjoy the most unique Sushi menu in Madrid, are you going to miss it?